Nanette Levin, owner of Fulcrum Communications
No stuffy corporate or academician precepts here. Small business owners and not-for-profit directors live in the real world. Let’s have fun figuring out together how much more effective you can be with inventive communication strategies that work for you.

Think writing, marketing and selling need be a chore? You’re listening to the wrong people. Discover entertaining ways to connect, express and reveal your special spice so people are sharing your story and services without prompting.

If you’ve been struggling to find fun, creative and effective ideas to make your writing, strategic marketing, public speaking, selling and profits more exciting, your journey has ended triumphantly. Welcome to the flummoxed entrepreneur’s bliss source. That applies to directors of not-for-profit entities too.

There’s a lot of free tips on this site (look right and sign up for blog updates on Tuesdays and sporadic newsletters). If you’re ready to hire a pro that gets you, your clients & prospects smiling, you’ve landed in the right spot too.

Writing, strategic marketing, selling designed to make you (and your clients) giggle, effective public speaking and proven tactics for small business success comprise most of the mix, but surprises surface periodically.

If you’re ready to jettison tasks that don’t make you sing, check out our introductory offers for a test drive. Want to know more about what we do? Explore our services page to see if there a good fit. Enjoy the relief and revenue a professional copy writer and savvy small business marketing mind can add to your bottom line.

Let’s make this the year you discover how much fun writing, marketing, speaking and selling can be. Questions welcome ;-).