Month: July 2012

  • Looking at the long term with personal selling

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    People forget when they’re networking or seeking support from a collective that it’s not what you sell today, it’s what you build for tomorrow.

  • Commercials and corporate strategic marketing are changing

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    Remember when every woman in television commercials was pencil thin and in her early twenties? Somehow they even managed to make leggy models sprawling car roofs relevant when hawking products that only the elderly would need. It wasn’t that long ago.

  • Be unreasonable to develop good marketing concepts

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    Often the wacky, non-traditional, unexpected and contrary marketing concepts work better than the tested results that everyone else is applying. Usually, if you’re laughing out loud as you develop a message to go out to your prospects, they’ll have as much fun with it as you did. That makes you memorable.

  • Reflections on writing

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    People figure if they can write a letter in ten minutes (for those who do, by the way – it shows) that any writer for hire can pound out twice as much in half the time. It’s true – just go to Fiverr to see a good number who do just this. You might want to check if they’ve heard of a dictionary, though.

  • Move over Andy Rooney – here’s a rant you could have penned

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    Have you ever noticed some marketers feel it’s smart to hide how much time they expect you to listen to their pitch?

  • SEO makes for crappy copy

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    Lots of people write web or blog copy with a singular goal of bolstering the bottom line by playing the numbers game (more eyeballs can mean more sales). It’s a great strategy for many who have seen considerable success with such an approach. It’s just not right for me.

  • Writing tips for the next big thing

    Tastes aside, there are certain elements that carry through to make a piece work. Learnin

  • Why would women in business want to secure respect?

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    Frankly, some women in business seem to get too worked up about enforcing their definition of respect. It’s more about how comfortable you are with yourself than external factors. Anyone who wants to succeed should recognize others see the world differently. Does that make them wrong? I don’t think so.

  • Cats provide great lessons for buiness smarts

    Strategic marketing from a cat's perspective

    Appreciation is a huge motivator when it comes to referrals – the lifeblood of any successful business. Sure, you can be a carnival barker and pull in some suckers, but they don’t come back (or say good things about you). Consider offering a sincere purr the next time someone helps you with a business challenge or client recommendation. Heed the other side of this one too – if it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

  • Nine quick tips on public speaking venue opportunities

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    Teach a class through the continuing education department at a community college. Most programs will consider just about any topic if they think people will sign up. Sometimes these are single evening events, or can be extended courses that go on for weeks or months. . . . Plus, you’ll get paid for your time (usually based on a percentage of the registration fees).