Month: January 2013

  • Small business marketing can include profits with audio products

    I’m happy to share lessons learned to help you do it better. This includes some great small business marketing finds that are also filling coffers as we use these tools to promote.

  • Marketing strategy fail – show, don’t tell is an important rule to remember

    If you want to ‘Writer Better, Get Published’ (this is the tagline for Writer’s Digest), proofing your work for spelling errors is a good place to start. Agents, editors and any gatekeeper assessing applicants get tons of queries they need to sift through quickly. You can be sure to miss the first cut by submitting […]

  • Is selling sex a good professional marketing strategy?

    When did cleavage start becoming part of accepted business attire? I’m not talking young, buff, bikini clad bodies on the beach where such displays belong. It’s being subjected to sagging, wrinkly reveals from middle-aged women who choose plunging necklines to show off a little bit of crack as part of a white collar image. Granted, […]

  • Two old maples, two squirrels and strategic marketing musings

    I had to chuckle watching the black squirrel in the background as the hasty red squirrel buzzed around. He was so casual in his approach I saw and enjoyed his every move. The nervous counterpart seemed stressed and uncomfortable. The plodder showed delight with each hop he took – discovering something new and unexpected. His relaxed and steadfast approach reminded me of the methods employed by some of the most successful small business owners I’ve known.

  • Storms provide insight into strategic marketing bents

    Shovelers amuse me. Some take pride in brooming every speck of snow or plowing an inch or two of accumulation. The next day they land on their bum or are spinning wheels up an impassable driveway after daytime sun has melted snow to water and nighttime cold provided a slick, smooth layer of ice. Sometimes, you can spend too much time on appearances while disregarding function or interest. No matter what you say, show or invent, if it doesn’t do what people need – or pitches a product or service to an audience that isn’t buying, you’ll fail.

  • How to sell a job posting – NOT

    How many applicants do you figure you’re screening out with terms like ‘motivated,’ ‘responsible,’ ‘dedicated,’ and ‘smart’? Who believes they’re shiftless, negligent, apathetic and dumb – or if they do, will admit this in an interview?

  • Small business blogging fun

    When work and life demands keep you busy, it can be challenging to stay regular with a blog. Any small business owner spends time handling multiple demands in day, which tends to result in important tasks being neglected as more urgent matters are handled. Writing is a big part of what I do for a […]

  • Are you on the right trail for small business success?

    small business selling is easier when you use your team right

    “If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” -Chinese proverb Finding your path to small business success doesn’t necessarily come from doing what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes, you need to put platitudes aside and forget about ‘standing on the shoulders […]