Month: October 2013

  • My ABCs on lessons learned reaching for small business success

    small business success can come in strange ways

    A while ago, I knew more than I do today. Brilliance can be an easy claim when you’re young. Candor isn’t just what you reveal to others, but perhaps, more importantly, what you tell yourself. Deciding to ask questions that may not provide happy answers can be hard. Even so, digging deeper to reveal more […]

  • What would you ask for if you could buy anything for $5?

    what would you dream of if you could get anything for $5?

    They say you can buy anything on Fiverr. I’m still of the archaic mindset that you get what you pay for, so haven’t taken the leap to see how many headaches $5 can buy me. Learning the hard way – too many times – on what it really costs to try to save money with […]

  • Small business success story fun – 17 YO gal projecting $250 million in sales

    small business success story of high school kid with $250 million projected in sales

    The ones that make the news are the exceptions, of course, but it always puts a smile on my face when I read about a small business success story that exceeds the founder’s wildest dreams. Forbes ran a story yesterday about a young girl that had the gift of planning already in her heart. She […]

  • 10 ways to make your small business customers wish they weren’t

    small business owners who don't have contingency plans in place for absences may lose business

    Recently, I moved into a city apartment. It’s been more than twenty years since I’ve been a renter. My assumption was I’d have a lot fewer hassles as a tenant than I endured as a home owner of a farm property with aging buildings.   I was wrong. I treasure good vendors (and clients). It […]

  • Small business customers don’t all speak the same language

    small business customers need to hear what your trying to say in their language

    If you don’t know who your prospects (or clients) are, it’s hard to craft an effective message (or strategy) that is compelling. It’s not usually practical to customize each message (although there are ways to automate this simply when you have a name). There are, however, some easy ways to segment your small business customers […]

  • What were they thinking?

    small business owner marketing blunders don't compare

    If you’re kicking yourself for dumb moves you’ve made as a small business owner (we all make them), here’s a collection of stories likely to make you feel better. Sometimes I just clip these gems as I shake my head. I feel compelled to tuck this stuff away for a time when I’m blessed with […]

  • 9 easy ways to get your creative small business in the news

    getting your small business in the news

    This week (besides the humor break yesterday) this blog highlighted getting small business media coverage (or not).  What not to do (and a bit of a chuckle on stories borne from real life experience), was covered in these 17 quick tips. We also highlighted 9 quick tips on making your small business newsworthy. The week […]

  • There’s a cure for small business owners suffering vertigo

    small business owners should pay attention to what they do says

    “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Apple’s iOS 7 has been in the news a lot lately. Apparently the 3-D image enhancement is causing some illness among users. It continues to amaze me how common courtesy is lost with the iPhone craze. What used […]

  • 17 dumb things to do when pitching to the media

    small business media coverage isn't hard to get if you don't do dumb things - 17 tips so you don't go there

    Sometimes it’s more memorable when you see the mistakes others make than it is to follow tips on the right thing to do. Yesterday, this blog featured 9 tips for getting small business media coverage. Today, we’ll focus on the other side – what not to do. If you haven’t considered the media as a […]

  • 9 quick tips to make your small business newsworthy

    small business media coverage

    It’s sad how often owners either give up or don’t try to garner media coverage for their company (or themselves) because they tried once and failed or decided it’s going to be too hard. Understanding how the media works is a great first step in building a successful campaign. It’s actually relatively easy to make […]