Month: March 2015

  • Driving into Darkness

    As I headed back from the warm, welcoming sun that greeted me to Rochester the day prior, I grimaced when fog fell thick on the Thruway just as I approached Albany. It was that kind of shroud where you can’t tell if it’s dawn, dusk or midday. The playful drizzle that had accompanied me for […]

  • Where’s the Canadian bacon? A pig farmer’s smart small business marketing.

    Jim Rohn provided great perspectives on smart small business marketing

    I’ve enjoyed watching the sparring and camaraderie that occurred between a couple of bloggers recently. Both are moms who lead with humor. Kelly McKenzie resides in Canada and publishes the blog Just Typikel. She’s hysterical and worth reading. Go subscribe for a regular dose of smiles, nods and laughter. Katy resides in the United States […]