Month: December 2015

  • More isn’t better with small business selling

    Careful who you choose as teachers for small business selling. You know more about your business than they do.

    Whether it’s what you’re selling or how you’re communicating, quantity does not trump quality. The “experts” (curious, this moniker that used to be earned is now self-appointed) would have you believing more products and more noise offer the key to more money. Sometimes this works, but it’s not a good way to build a loyal […]

  • Building a referral network is easy when it’s fun for all

    A.A. Milne quote works well for small business networking

    Most small business owners believe what they’re told about networking. Meet as many people as you can, pass out a bunch of business cards and sell, sell, sell. No wonder it’s something most loath. That’s not a good way to build a business – or feel happy about how you do it. Fortunately, there are […]