Month: March 2016

  • Good interviews involve preparation

    Ann Landers had great advice for small business marketing

    For anyone looking to build an audience, interviews area great way to extend reach. Provided you give some thought to how you’ll orchestrate them before you go live. These can be delivered as written, audio or video presentations based on what you’re most comfortable with (that’s primary) and what your audience is most likely to […]

  • 7 small business marketing tips you can learn from lawn mowers

    Remi the lawn mower photo-bomber helping out with small business marketing tips at

    The last time I had so much fun mowing the lawn was, well, never. How much fun have you had lately with your small business marketing? The fact that it’s March 22nd with grass blades reaching young hay height had me doing the happy dance. Outdoor exercise that’s not about shoveling snow is a delightful […]

  • What does “show don’t tell” really mean?

    Ben Okri quote offering a different take on show don't tell at

    There are some pretty hilarious parodies out there mocking novelists who take this too far. This is a common phrase uttered in the book industry, but it’s becoming vogue with online (self-proclaimed) gurus too. Hmmm – maybe it’s time someone lampooned that segment. Perhaps another day. The premise behind “show, don’t tell” (particularly as it […]

  • Writing brilliance is a lot like life

    Is there really a connection between building a cold frame and creative writing? You bet!

    I watched and waited for Sunday to come for more than a week. Temperatures were forecast in the 60s (it reached 69 sunny degrees – yippee for me!). Majority daylight hours were to be spent building a cold frame (or three). That greenhouse in my kitchen was starting to get in the way (the office […]