Month: August 2016

  • Parodies offer great small business marketing insights

    Find fun with paradies that offer great small business marketing tips at

    Pat Kelly presented at the annual This is That Talks in Whistler, B.C. this April.  It’s an obvious spoof on TED Talks (lasting 4 minutes instead of eighteen). What’s most interesting about this lampoon is, while he says, well, not much of import, he’s a captivating speaker. Yes, Kelly is presenting satire, yet the techniques […]

  • Is bigger, faster, higher better?

    Women's Olympic gymnastics lend an interesting perspective on past and present. The right small business marketing tactics are rarely what others pronounce as perfect. Get insight at

    One of the things that really struck me as I’ve been watching some of the women’s gymnastics competitions during this Olympics is how grace is mostly gone. I suppose the same could be said about many small business marketing tactics. The female Olympians compete with a primary emphasis on brawn. Floor routines are all about […]

  • Marketing is not a dirty word

    Lemony Snicket quote that offers an ah-ha moment relative to small business marketing

    Honestly, I get why people are suspect when they hear the word, or the job descriptor, marketing. It’s sad that such prejudices are rampant, but, as is often the case in life, one bad experience colors bias in ways that masks judgemental reactions. Recently, I attended Toastmasters leadership training workshop. The trainer for the Vice […]