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  • Have you thought about crafting a small business personality?

    Mike Consol, a consultant in California focused on public speaking, presentation and business writing support, shot a video blog post recently that prompted me to start thinking in ways I hadn’t before. As I reflected on his brilliant branding idea of anthropomorphizing your small business, I realized that my business personality was different than mine […]

  • Networking for introverts and novices

    7 easy, free ideas for better small business networking

    Whether you’re uncomfortable in groups, new to an organization or struggling with an introverted nature that saps your energy when you’re around other people, there are easy ways to grow your reach, credibility and business prosperity at gatherings. Most people misunderstand the terms introvert and extrovert. Simply put, extroverts are energized by being around other […]

  • Looking for clever small business solutions? Try asking the animals.

    Animals can teach you a lot about small business solutions for success strategies

    They say animals are honest. I’ve met enough crafty ones to realize some have a grand sense of humor. No need to climb aboard that anthropomorphizing high horse (the mere suggestion draws flame wars in some equine circles). That’s not where I’m going here. Instead, consider spending time paying attention to the critter characters around […]

  • Small business owners can ditch plans and still smile

    Milton quote offers insight into small business owner mindset. Visit for tips on enjoying the solvent small business you create.

    Unexpected life circumstances can derail our carefully crafted small business plans. Sometimes it’s best to simply deal with the urgent and not beat yourself up for getting off track on the important. Rarely are important items so urgent that they become lost opportunities if you don’t act immediately. Admittedly, I’m a list maker and a […]

  • Small business owners who play games are more fun

    small business brilliance comes easier when you open your eyes to new ideas

    There are some numbers that are really easy for me to spot – for example the number 11, 4, and 7. There are numbers, such as 8, 10 and 12 that are difficult for me to decipher. Why do I know this? I notice dumb things. It’s a quirk. It really hit home though, when […]

  • Hungry for small business marketing brilliance in tiny bites?

    If you're hungry for small business marketing brilliance in small bites consider tasting more than this Tom Clancy quote at

    While Kelvin could be described as a supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic and a glass half-full cheerleader, Darren is more like a devil’s advocate challenging you to let go of ingrained beliefs, excuses and blame to prompt you to become a better you. Both have great content to help you make smarter mindset decisions through their very different styles.

  • Are you looking to win, get gifted or earn your living?

    hep a small business owner in need with ideas at

    “Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness” – Pearl S. Buck I have a favorite vendor and friend who needs your help .Please read to the end of the blog post (or scan down to the last section) to provide input in comment (or privately) to set something up […]

  • My ABCs on lessons learned reaching for small business success

    small business success can come in strange ways

    A while ago, I knew more than I do today. Brilliance can be an easy claim when you’re young. Candor isn’t just what you reveal to others, but perhaps, more importantly, what you tell yourself. Deciding to ask questions that may not provide happy answers can be hard. Even so, digging deeper to reveal more […]

  • Small business success story fun – 17 YO gal projecting $250 million in sales

    small business success story of high school kid with $250 million projected in sales

    The ones that make the news are the exceptions, of course, but it always puts a smile on my face when I read about a small business success story that exceeds the founder’s wildest dreams. Forbes ran a story yesterday about a young girl that had the gift of planning already in her heart. She […]

  • What were they thinking?

    small business owner marketing blunders don't compare

    If you’re kicking yourself for dumb moves you’ve made as a small business owner (we all make them), here’s a collection of stories likely to make you feel better. Sometimes I just clip these gems as I shake my head. I feel compelled to tuck this stuff away for a time when I’m blessed with […]