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  • Home town pride is good for small business

    No matter where you grew up, there are places you’ve called home you feel compelled to defend. Great media opportunities exist for your small business with hometown newspapers, college alma maters, your current residence or anywhere else someone can call you a claim to fame. I didn’t grow up in New York, but have called…

  • What’s your super power as a small business owner?

    No, I can’t fly (although have fantasized from youth about having this ability), read minds (well, maybe sometimes), become invisible (check that – as an introvert it’s easy, but figuratively more than literally), disable a villain with my physical prowess (but didn’t have any worries about that one while Gatsby was at my side) or…

  • Don’t worry, be happy; control stress with your imagination

    It’s not what’s going on in your life (we’re all pretty good at dealing with the present – no matter how challenging events may be); it’s where you see it going. Wow! That’s a life-changing thought, isn’t it?

  • The Tao of marketing

    The Tao of marketing

    People expect that businesses will connect with them on a personal level. As a marketer, understanding Taoist principles helps you to live more authentically. There is a natural attraction to authenticity. People intuitively connect with what’s real.

  • Why would women in business want to secure respect?

    Why would women in business want to secure respect?

    Frankly, some women in business seem to get too worked up about enforcing their definition of respect. It’s more about how comfortable you are with yourself than external factors. Anyone who wants to succeed should recognize others see the world differently. Does that make them wrong? I don’t think so.

  • How do you stay charged?

    Imagine how you might follow this example of developing something a little different with your business to reach out to more people while adding a little revenue for your efforts.

  • What could the Tao possibly have to do with writing and marketing?

    The next time you think more words, more bling, more choices and more involvement make for better solutions, consider how you may create something far more powerful by doing less.

  • Sorting through social media

    Everyone was throwing up blog post links in a way that made me feel like I was standing alongside a passing train trying to talk to passengers as they whizzed by at 60 mph. Where to start?

  • Call it crazy or creative – being different can provide insights others notice

    Pioneers are generally heralded posthumously more so than during their lifetimes. Just consider the number of people who died penniless and ostracized who are now recorded in the annals of history as brilliant. Still, there’s something to be said for those who have the courage to do it anyway. It takes tremendous passion, focus and…