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  • Good interviews involve preparation

    Good interviews involve preparation

    For anyone looking to build an audience, interviews area great way to extend reach. Provided you give some thought to how you’ll orchestrate them before you go live. These can be delivered as written, audio or video presentations based on what you’re most comfortable with (that’s primary) and what your audience is most likely to […]

  • Why subtle small business marketing works

    Why subtle small business marketing works

    Whether you’re looking to increase reach for a mission without monetization; rally support for a service you offer through donations; attract a very select crowd from the masses for high-end coaching services; or seek to sell product you’ve developed as part of your free offerings, there are some great providers doing it better than you. […]

  • Online small business marketing done right

    Online small business marketing done right

    There are some that do an outstanding job selling without selling. Or at least are so subtle it implies a very rare set gets to enjoy their wares. Those doing online small business marketing well incorporate simple strategies artfully. With humor, ingenuity, fun, useful information and consistency, it’s no wonder some folks have amassed a […]

  • Know anyone too loud to be heard?

    Know anyone too loud to be heard?

    Not you, of course, but maybe someone else using one of these touted small business marketing tactics? Selling with every blog post? Pushing people to company wares with every social media appearance? Sending lists dozens of messages to count down till deadline? Doing all of the talking and none of the listening? Delivering a multitude […]

  • Small business marketing – quick or smart, pick one

    Small business marketing – quick or smart, pick one

    “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”  -John F. Kennedy, 35th US president (1917-1963) Wow – imagine what this former President might have said about social media and small business marketing today! I continue to be amazed at the ease at which a very small number of people can […]

  • Smart small business owners avoid the hype game

    Smart small business owners avoid the hype game

    Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday . . .  is anyone else put off by this money grab? There’s no sincerity about any of this posturing. Get your best deal ever with an offer that expires at midnight . . . until tomorrow when we extend it and give you more bonuses […]

  • Orwell’s 1984 is here getting help from voyeur marketing strategies

    Here’s a novel idea – how about adopting more marketing strategies that allow you to speak with prospects and centers-of-influence face-to-face? This article offers some easy ways to find more clients with old-fashioned approaches. Of course, you might need to turn off your cell phone and get out of your car, but you may find people actually appreciate and remember you more when you give them the courtesy of your undivided attention.

  • Two old maples, two squirrels and strategic marketing musings

    I had to chuckle watching the black squirrel in the background as the hasty red squirrel buzzed around. He was so casual in his approach I saw and enjoyed his every move. The nervous counterpart seemed stressed and uncomfortable. The plodder showed delight with each hop he took – discovering something new and unexpected. His relaxed and steadfast approach reminded me of the methods employed by some of the most successful small business owners I’ve known.

  • Social Media is an oxymoron

    Social Media is an oxymoron

    We’ve all been lulled by the excitement – and distraction – online interaction can provide. Unless you have benchmarks in place to measure investments, however, chances are valuable time is being diverted from productive marketing efforts as you idle in the online traffic jam.

  • Rethink branding precepts for better strategic marketing

    Rethink branding precepts for better strategic marketing

    Times have changed. Today, people are attracted to businesses offering a face and a name willing to be out there and accountable for product or service satisfaction. Focusing on fluff, image, market research drag time and the latest (usually yesterday’s by the time you see them) fads for quick returns rarely work.