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  • Parodies offer great small business marketing insights

    Find fun with paradies that offer great small business marketing tips at

    Pat Kelly presented at the annual This is That Talks in Whistler, B.C. this April.  It’s an obvious spoof on TED Talks (lasting 4 minutes instead of eighteen). What’s most interesting about this lampoon is, while he says, well, not much of import, he’s a captivating speaker. Yes, Kelly is presenting satire, yet the techniques […]

  • Networking for introverts and novices

    7 easy, free ideas for better small business networking

    Whether you’re uncomfortable in groups, new to an organization or struggling with an introverted nature that saps your energy when you’re around other people, there are easy ways to grow your reach, credibility and business prosperity at gatherings. Most people misunderstand the terms introvert and extrovert. Simply put, extroverts are energized by being around other […]

  • Good interviews involve preparation

    Ann Landers had great advice for small business marketing

    For anyone looking to build an audience, interviews area great way to extend reach. Provided you give some thought to how you’ll orchestrate them before you go live. These can be delivered as written, audio or video presentations based on what you’re most comfortable with (that’s primary) and what your audience is most likely to […]

  • Smart small business owners watch great public speakers

    Writing and captivating and audience with your words are two different things. Find free tips at

    There’s something about a well-done speech that stays with you. As a small business owner, professional writer and marketing consultant, I’m always on the lookout for communication done well. Public speaking ranks high to my mind, so, I tend to seek out opportunities that allow me to learn from the masters. Sometimes those gems hit […]

  • Hit the road for great small business networking opportunities

    small business networking opportunities can be a lot more fun with a great travel companion

    Some of the best small business networking opportunities I’ve uncovered is by attending conferences. There’s nothing like that face-time to solidify relationships, gain new perspectives on an individual’s personality and create a deeper bond. Do you have a perfect traveling companion? I always dreamed of traveling the country with my dog. They don’t talk back, […]

  • No I don’t “got to”: phrases that make me cringe

    There are certain phrases that make me cringe. “You’ve got to . . .” is one of them. It’s not just the grammar usage, but the message. I often hear speakers, consultants and others providing guidance with words that imply absolutes. I fired a vendor years ago that used this term in almost every sentence […]

  • Nine quick tips on public speaking venue opportunities

    small business blogging help

    Teach a class through the continuing education department at a community college. Most programs will consider just about any topic if they think people will sign up. Sometimes these are single evening events, or can be extended courses that go on for weeks or months. . . . Plus, you’ll get paid for your time (usually based on a percentage of the registration fees).

  • Public speaking is what you make it

    small business blogging help

    There’s so much to gain from honing your presentation skills, it’s a shame not to give it a shot. You’ll feel great after a presentation well done. You’ll be able to reach people with your message more effectively than possible one-one-one or remotely. Done right, this can produce an additional revenue stream for your business (not to mention super opportunities for getting in front of prospects).