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5 quick tips to boomerang small business success

Small business success can boomerang when you're creative

I’ve always been fascinated with boomerangs. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to throw one that came back to me. Now I know why – they’re not Frisbees. You need to toss them vertically (see video below for a quick and easy way to craft a no cost boomerang at home – could be a fun…

What would you ask for if you could buy anything for $5?

what would you dream of if you could get anything for $5?

They say you can buy anything on Fiverr. I’m still of the archaic mindset that you get what you pay for, so haven’t taken the leap to see how many headaches $5 can buy me. Learning the hard way – too many times – on what it really costs to try to save money with…

Hit the road for great small business networking opportunities

small business networking opportunities can be a lot more fun with a great travel companion

Some of the best small business networking opportunities I’ve uncovered is by attending conferences. There’s nothing like that face-time to solidify relationships, gain new perspectives on an individual’s personality and create a deeper bond. Do you have a perfect traveling companion? I always dreamed of traveling the country with my dog. They don’t talk back,…

Hard sell not working for you? Good!

Small businesses should be frustrated with the hard sell

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol Perhaps it’s because I’m an introvert, or a woman or one who puts more stock in primary research than secondary – I don’t know – but I’ve never found the hard sell to be effective at attracting the type…

How to sell is a question with easy answers

how to sell or not to sell

If you hate selling you’re not alone. The good news is, you can learn to enjoy it. Finding the right buyer for what you have to offer is so much fun once you realize it’s done best with understanding and a desire to help – and a product or service you’re passionate about. There’s a…

How to sell a job posting – NOT

How many applicants do you figure you’re screening out with terms like ‘motivated,’ ‘responsible,’ ‘dedicated,’ and ‘smart’? Who believes they’re shiftless, negligent, apathetic and dumb – or if they do, will admit this in an interview?

Animals and kids teach us how to sell well – and appreciate life

There’s nothing like the intuition of an animal, though, to help set us straight on how to connect fully – and focus on what really matters. Animals just somehow seem to know. The video below illustrates the meaning of Christmas (and life purpose) more than most people-focused expressions do. So, I felt it was an appropriate (non-verbal) message to share during the holiday season.

Marketing strategies are useless without people

Being successful in business is all about the people you meet, engage and reach. The most clever marketing strategies only work if you get your message to the right audience.

Looking at the long term with personal selling

small business blogging help

People forget when they’re networking or seeking support from a collective that it’s not what you sell today, it’s what you build for tomorrow.

Move over Andy Rooney – here’s a rant you could have penned

small business blogging help

Have you ever noticed some marketers feel it’s smart to hide how much time they expect you to listen to their pitch?