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Smart small business owners watch great public speakers

Writing and captivating and audience with your words are two different things. Find free tips at

There’s something about a well-done speech that stays with you. As a small business owner, professional writer and marketing consultant, I’m always on the lookout for communication done well. Public speaking ranks high to my mind, so, I tend to seek out opportunities that allow me to learn from the masters. Sometimes those gems hit…

Looking for clever small business solutions? Try asking the animals.

Animals can teach you a lot about small business solutions for success strategies

They say animals are honest. I’ve met enough crafty ones to realize some have a grand sense of humor. No need to climb aboard that anthropomorphizing high horse (the mere suggestion draws flame wars in some equine circles). That’s not where I’m going here. Instead, consider spending time paying attention to the critter characters around…

Moving a small business

Fun discoveries made during a small buisness relocation.

There are some things about Virginia that leave me awestruck. I paid $1.39 a gallon for gas yesterday. To be fair, this was at a Kroger station where my monthly grocery bill nets discounts (I had to ask the milk stocking clerk about this to learn that my 20 cents off was due to spending…

Small business selling is done best when you’re having fun

Small business selling works best when you're having fun.

Perhaps the single most critical issue in spurring small business selling success is the enjoyment factor. If you, your prospects and clients don’t like the experience, you’ll have a tough time creating a sustainable venture. The great thing about fun is it’s contagious. If you’re enjoying yourself and what you’re creating through your business, your…

Forget about features and benefits – offer small business selling solutions

Yogi Berra quote applies as much today as it ever did for small business selling smiles

Yogi Berra quipped “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Feeling reminiscent when some self-proclaimed guru offers the latest and greatest “new” technique for effective small business selling? Whether you come from the pyramid selling “proof” days or today’s internet “expert” arena, the truth hasn’t changed – attracting new clients is best done by solving…

Assemble a team for fun small business selling

small business selling is easier when you use your team right

I know, I know – you don’t have the money or aren’t ready to let go and delegate. Fear not. This post isn’t necessarily about that. Think about this – is there something your clients need that you can’t do? Ah ha – that’s where your loose team of go-to people can make you shine….

More isn’t better with small business selling

Careful who you choose as teachers for small business selling. You know more about your business than they do.

Whether it’s what you’re selling or how you’re communicating, quantity does not trump quality. The “experts” (curious, this moniker that used to be earned is now self-appointed) would have you believing more products and more noise offer the key to more money. Sometimes this works, but it’s not a good way to build a loyal…

Building a referral network is easy when it’s fun for all

A.A. Milne quote works well for small business networking

Most small business owners believe what they’re told about networking. Meet as many people as you can, pass out a bunch of business cards and sell, sell, sell. No wonder it’s something most loath. That’s not a good way to build a business – or feel happy about how you do it. Fortunately, there are…

I hate selling – save me from this small business torture!

Quote on perserverance relates well to enjoying selling

Do you hate selling? Done the way so many profess, it’s no wonder. That pound them until they’re sure to relent strategy is painful for both the perpetrator and the victim. Think sending dozens of e-mail message during the course of a week – or day – is much different than old-school manipulative selling? Sure,…

Can you have fun navigating without technology tools?

Small business marketing strategies can let you walk alone while having fun

“It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.”  — Diane Grant, Canadian playwright and screenwriter Poetic justice perhaps, particularly if panting a technology device as a villain is how you interpreted my last blog post. I fried my cell phone last weekend – literally (who knew it would get…