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  • How to write a blog post in ten minutes or less

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    Write crappy posts. Alternatively, three sentences ought to do it. Keep a hopper file of quotes and use Quizio as a generator.

  • What does “show don’t tell” really mean?

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    There are some pretty hilarious parodies out there mocking novelists who take this too far. This is a common phrase uttered in the book industry, but it’s becoming vogue with online (self-proclaimed) gurus too. Hmmm – maybe it’s time someone lampooned that segment. Perhaps another day. The premise behind “show, don’t tell” (particularly as it […]

  • Writing brilliance is a lot like life

    Is there really a connection between building a cold frame and creative writing? You bet!

    I watched and waited for Sunday to come for more than a week. Temperatures were forecast in the 60s (it reached 69 sunny degrees – yippee for me!). Majority daylight hours were to be spent building a cold frame (or three). That greenhouse in my kitchen was starting to get in the way (the office […]

  • If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave

    Leave that wrong story your find yourself in. Get great tips and quotes for small business owners at

    “If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.” Mo Willems I was doing that rapid buzz through e-mail thing so many of us do to cross a “to do” item off our lists when this gem of a quote brought me back to mindfulness. It’s timely, of course (as so much is when […]

  • Why subtle small business marketing works

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    Whether you’re looking to increase reach for a mission without monetization; rally support for a service you offer through donations; attract a very select crowd from the masses for high-end coaching services; or seek to sell product you’ve developed as part of your free offerings, there are some great providers doing it better than you. […]

  • Hungry for small business marketing brilliance in tiny bites?

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    While Kelvin could be described as a supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic and a glass half-full cheerleader, Darren is more like a devil’s advocate challenging you to let go of ingrained beliefs, excuses and blame to prompt you to become a better you. Both have great content to help you make smarter mindset decisions through their very different styles.

  • Regrouping for small business success

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    Last week, I shared a failure – sort of. At least it started out that way. Admittedly, I’m a bit stubborn, but, in this case, a bit of luck made all the difference. For those of you who didn’t read the post on what went wrong with a business start-up, the short story is a […]

  • How do writers deal with writer’s block?

    Hemmingway quote on how he deals wih writer's block

    “I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from the springs that fed it.” Ernest Hemmingway I’ve found myself in a place new to me recently. Of course, that’s on […]

  • Writing skills improve when you can laugh at life

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    Most writers take themselves too seriously. Most laymen find writing painful (or, create material that is oh so painful to read with the assumption their stream of consciousness, unedited, meandering style is gripping). What few seem to realize is you can improve your writing skills while having tons of fun doing it if you find […]

  • Think you can write? Money says you can.

    anyone can learn to write

    So why would a kid who hated English, couldn’t spell, found grammar rules nauseating and saw no use for writing in career plans wind up relishing a career as a writer?