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  • Creative writing can be hysterical

    Sometimes you just need a good laugh. It’s fun to design client marketing material that has prospects smiling, giggling or drawing attention from office mates seeking the source of huge guffaws. Inspiration for this can come from unusual places. Creative writing with effective humor can enhance anything you produce. Recently, the Business Insider posted 15…

  • Small business blogging fun

    When work and life demands keep you busy, it can be challenging to stay regular with a blog. Any small business owner spends time handling multiple demands in day, which tends to result in important tasks being neglected as more urgent matters are handled. Writing is a big part of what I do for a…

  • Marketing concepts made easy with eleven tips for getting great print media exposure

    You might be surprised at how putting a little research and thought into being more personable will drive sales to your business. The skills you learn as you set out to craft good marketing concepts for the media will last a lifetime – and carry over to many other communications tools and places you discover…

  • Newsweek throws in the towel on print edition

    Do today’s readers really prefer to invest in material that propagates rumor, instills divisiveness and presents fantasy as news?

  • No I don’t “got to”: phrases that make me cringe

    There are certain phrases that make me cringe. “You’ve got to . . .” is one of them. It’s not just the grammar usage, but the message. I often hear speakers, consultants and others providing guidance with words that imply absolutes. I fired a vendor years ago that used this term in almost every sentence…

  • R U 🙁 w/ crappy copywriting?

    If your goal is to build credibility and gain prospects’ attention (that would be in a way that bolsters their confidence in your ability to help them achieve rather than undermining it), keep in mind, everything counts.

  • Writing tips and candid commentary from Elizabeth Gilbert

    Writing tips and candid commentary from Elizabeth Gilbert

    It’s hard to pull off a memoir. Rocketing one to the New York Times best seller list is even more remarkable. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia demonstrates how being real (and talented) appeals to audiences across genders and generations.

  • Reflections on writing

    Reflections on writing

    People figure if they can write a letter in ten minutes (for those who do, by the way – it shows) that any writer for hire can pound out twice as much in half the time. It’s true – just go to Fiverr to see a good number who do just this. You might want…

  • SEO makes for crappy copy

    SEO makes for crappy copy

    Lots of people write web or blog copy with a singular goal of bolstering the bottom line by playing the numbers game (more eyeballs can mean more sales). It’s a great strategy for many who have seen considerable success with such an approach. It’s just not right for me.

  • Writing tips for the next big thing

    Tastes aside, there are certain elements that carry through to make a piece work. Learnin