Fulcrum Communications

Fulcrum Communications

Leveraging creative, cost-effective solutions for small businesses

If you’re looking for a company that gets small business and the issues and challenges that come with being an owner wanting to justify marketing expenses, you’ve found it.

Twenty-four years ago, small entities were considered too expensive a client by most agencies and other firms. What these organizations failed to recognize was how powerful passion can be. Fulcrum Communications was created because small businesses needed help from someone who cared. Word-of-mouth quickly made this little firm the go-to resource for owners seeking honest, sincere and ethical support focused on bottom-line results.

Today, the company provides mostly writing support (ghost writing, brochures, speeches, media articles, web copy, letters, promotional campaigns, effective selling  content, etc.), strategic marketing, creative sales approaches and public speaking (through ghost writing of presentations and offering event speaker appearances). What still holds true from the start is the ideal of helping small business owners learn and thrive. We don’t only do, but teach as well – effectively working ourselves out of a job. Either the client company growth requires a full-time staffer to handle demands or we teach the client how to do what we do. Some still choose to keep us on board, regardless (we like to think these are the smart ones).

Fulcrum Communications has changed over the years, but the firm will always provide a hand up for the underdog. Want to connect with a company that’s in your corner? Give us a call at (585) 554-4612 or e-mail the owner at NLevin@FulcrumNY.com.