How to write a blog post in ten minutes or less

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Write crappy posts.

Alternatively, three sentences ought to do it.

Keep a hopper file of quotes and use Quizio as a generator.

By Nanette Levin

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    1. Thanks, Sue. I shake my head when people claim they’ll teach you to write blog posts in ten minutes or less. Usually, you can tell. Yes, sometimes, it works.

  1. Grinning here. Hugely. Love the quote. And the “write crappy posts.” While my posts no longer take an entire day to craft they certainly take a hell of a lot longer than ten minutes. Had a fellow ask me once how many edits I did. He was horrified to learn that sometimes I’m over a 100. Didn’t share that most of these were to check for spelling errors … Ha!

    1. Yep, I was going to leave it at that but decided I better offer something more constructive ;-). I so get the editing thing – I’m with you, as you’ve probably already concluded.

  2. What a concept Nanette! It usually takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to write a blog post. I love the idea of using quotes. I collect them and will share some of them for a shorter post. Simple is good! Thanks for your post!

  3. OMG – that made me laugh. It’s so TRUE!!!! But, there was value in that post. It brightened my day. Thanks, Nanette!!!

  4. How perfect. I find I like blogs that switch things up a lot – short, long, personal, more universal. It’s all good. And it’s especially wonderful when you can actually hear the blogger’s voice in each one of the variations.

    1. It’s actually been very interesting to see the different responses to this post and what people see. Even in it’s brevity, there are many elements to this post. I thank you, Deborah, for the compliment on still hearing my voice in this short reveal.

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