Hungry for small business marketing brilliance in tiny bites?

If you're hungry for small business marketing brilliance in small bites consider tasting more than this Tom Clancy quote at

Tom Clancy and I share a birthday (not the year – I’m 29 – just check my Facebook Page – you know everything you read there is true).

I laughed out loud with this little tidbit from Goodreads (it’s the paragraph after the quote that caused the guffaw):

“The only way to do all the things you’d like to do is to read.”  Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy (born April 12, 1947) dreamed of joining the military in his youth, but his poor eyesight prevented him. Undeterred, he channeled his passion into his books. After finding success with best-sellers like The Hunt for Red October, he bought himself a tank.

If you're hungry for small business marketing brilliance in small bites consider tasting more than this Tom Clancy quote at http://NanetteLevin.comIf you don’t subscribe to Goodreads quote of the day, consider doing so. You’ll get inspiration, ideas and a frequent “I didn’t know that” response from the 7-day-a-week quick treat.

I tend to appreciate “so there” stories, which are plentiful in Goodread’s missives. Each is a few sentences or less.

There are other internet gems I make part of my daily diet.

Kevin Ringold’s Vitamin K Daily (your daily dose of positive) provides inspiration and personality often through anecdotal posts that are frequently funny. His auto feed shoots these out at around 3 a.m. (EST), so even early risers can grab a coffee or tea and a minute or two to start the day with an uplifting push. It’s especially great on those mornings when you fall out of bed on the wrong side.

Darren Hardy Daily offers (usually video and/or audio) two minute or so tips weekdays. His focus is on personal development, proactive business mindsets and action.

While Kelvin could be described as a supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic and a glass half-full cheerleader, Darren is more like a devil’s advocate challenging you to let go of ingrained beliefs, excuses and blame to prompt you to become a better you. Both have great content to help you make smarter mindset decisions through their very different styles.

Anu Garg puts out A.Word.A.Day. This brief free (paid if you want no ads – they’re discreet) e-mail subscription service includes terms (and etymology) presented in a fun and effective way. He even has an artist that comes to play with them on occasion. Sometimes these will be words you’ll never use, but many can become wonderful, descriptively-rich replacements for less precise terms or substitutes for your tired standbys.

If you are struggling to find great small business marketing or writing inspiration or just trying to get new ideas and attitudes to integrate into your daily routine, there are some great resources that only take a few minutes a day to digest. The four mentioned above are some of my quick tip favorites. I ingest them with gratitude every day (read – I don’t ever hit delete before absorbing the nutrients  offered). In a later post, I’ll highlight longer reads I’ve chosen as staples.

What about you? Do you have online resources you relish daily that fill you with small business marketing or other worldly wisdom? Please reveal these treats in the comments below. If you would, too, consider clicking the easy icons on the share bar to the left if you enjoyed this post. Thanks!

9 responses to “Hungry for small business marketing brilliance in tiny bites?”

  1. Nice recommendations Nanette. It’s fun to have a few inspirational things pop into the mailbox on a regular basis. And happy belated b-day wishes! I hope you follow my practice and celebrate for more than one day. I think a month is about the right length. Buy I could be convinced to make it a season if pressed. 🙂

    • Thanks Deborah. I like your idea of celebrating more than one day. Actually, I rarely do so on the actual day anyway (didn’t this year either), but the entire season of spring is always cause for celebration for me. Right – those quick, daily inspirational reads can certainly help to shift your mindset.

    • So glad the Goodreads quote resource resonated with you, Harmony (no pun intended – seriously). I’ll be curious to hear what you think of it after some time to digest the daily dose.

    • Glad you found a resource that grabs you, Debbie. I think you’ll really enjoy this daily (yes they do weekends too) treat. I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment on this blog.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Anu Garg’s One.Word.A.Day. And you know what? I thought of him as a her. Huh.
    I think I’ll sign on for the Goodreads quote of the day. I’m a big fan of inspirational stuff that comes at me in a few sentences or less.
    How have you been? Hope life is treating you well.

    • So glad you’ve found Word A Day fun too, Kelly. I occasionally build my vocabulary with what he offers (sometimes it’s just too esoteric for me to apply in my world) and also enjoy the quotes and, of course, the explanation on where these words come from. I think you’ll really enjoy the Goodreads quote of the day. I imagine you’ll find some fun fodder for blog posts from this. Life has been weird. Working on forging a new path. Stay tuned . . . :-).

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