My ABCs on lessons learned reaching for small business success

small business success can come in strange ways

A while ago, I knew more than I do today.

Brilliance can be an easy claim when you’re young.

Candor isn’t just what you reveal to others, but perhaps, more importantly, what you tell yourself.

Deciding to ask questions that may not provide happy answers can be hard.

Even so, digging deeper to reveal more questions than answers can be, as backwards as it sounds, liberating.

Failure becomes less about how other judge you and instead, an opportunity to learn better ways to see the world.

Getting back up, admitting your mistake and forging ahead can show you new ways to look at things that bring appreciation.

Help is always close by so there’s the added realization that no matter what happens, people will be there to provide caring and support.

Invariably, you realize life is less complicated and stressful when you’re not always trying to prove something.

Just because someone else is trying to knock you down doesn’t mean it’s about you, nor that you need to allow it.

small business success can come in strange ways
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Knowing the rest of the story might surprise you on how often tormentors lead very empty lives.

Learning to let go of what others say or how they judge what you do as you realize they probably spend a whole lot less time thinking about you than you do worrying about their opinion is a gift worth giving yourself.

Making your achievements about your dreams and not someone else’s provides a peace unequalled.

No one sets out to fall, yet we all do some time or another.

Often, what you do with those lessons (blame and curse or recognize and learn) sets you on a path as either an eternal victim or a future success.

Pretending you never stumble doesn’t fool anyone – especially not you (even if you think you’re clever at lying to yourself).

Quagmires are part of life, so you might as well get used to relaxing into it to discover a creative escape rather than fighting your way into a deeper and stickier predicament.

Reinventing yourself is one way, but opening your mind to alternative views on the world makes sense too.

Studying why things happen to you can give you big insight into what you might be doing to cause it.

Trials met with a single-minded pity-party mentality don’t help you grow.

Understanding the wins wouldn’t be nearly as rich without the well-played setbacks helps makes sorrow easier to take.

Vulnerability isn’t a weakness.

Working to ensure no one ever sees the real you is – with a high price to pay for the privacy.

Xenial behavior is one thing, losing yourself fulfilling someone else’s story is quite another.

Yesterday is gone, while a platitude, still provides a wonderful message as you strive to build a you able to steer toward small business success.

Zigzagging through life can be necessary before you can find the right, true and inspiring direction, but it can be fun to appreciate what you find on the detours along the way.

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