If you’re looking for copy writing guidance or an editing eye on a small project or seeking long-term strategic marketing support, we can help. Please check out our Introductory Offers (these change periodically) for some great deals designed to help you discover how much fun it can be engaging the right creative personality to achieve your business goals.

Copy Writing

  • newsletters
  • websites
  • brochures
  • promotional content
  • letters
  • media articles
  • e-booklets
  • books
  • flyers
  • coaching for do-it-yourself future content
  • media releases
  • award applications
  • municipal publications
  • ghost writing
  • advetorials
  • speeches
  • editing

Small Business

  • Inventive yet responsive copy writing with messages with your voice or brand in mind
  • Improved sales with better letters, brochures, newsletter copy, media articles, speeches or other ghost written material
  • Help with strategic direction and content for those who have great technical expertise but lack the marketing know-how for better revenue generating activities
  • Enjoy someone in your corner focused on your success as a top priority
  • Decades vetting and attracting some of the best providers in the communications industry (designers, printers, web consultants, etc.) to help you ensure quality professional support


  • Need a developmental editor who can help organize your material and/or point out holes, redundancies and/or confusing content?
  • Do you seek a ghost writer who can craft copy in your voice?
  • Would research support help enhance your tome?
  • Do you need guidance on the various options and potential vendors available for producing a book?
  • Would you like to start small with an e-booklet or tip sheet with a coach to help gain confidence, an effective style and technical understanding?

Consider how a competent wordsmith with a clear understanding of marketing precepts could help your book reach more eyes and gain more buzz. Improve your existing manuscript or craft an initial one with creative and knowledgeable help.

Help’s on your side

If you’re looking for an honest, seasoned, inventive and talented copy writer and marketing adviser as you work to design your business future, you may be surprised at how fun the right fit can be. Consider the relief you’ll experience when you’re able to delegate critical business activities to one who’s determined to see you prosper and grow through communications initiatives. Call Nanette today at (585) 554-4612 or e-mail by clicking the hyperlink at the bottom right of this page to discover how your you can improve your life and your business this year, with a little help from a friend.