Introductory Offers

If you’ve wondered when might be the right time to engage some expertise to help you write better or promote more effectively, the time is now. These two offers are designed to introduce you to the joys of beginning to build a support team for your small business success. Skip Starbucks this month to pay for a far more satisfying experience.

Give yourself and your business a gift that lasts

  • Have you been asked to contribute an article but feel paralyzed because you’re concerned it doesn’t read right?
  • Do you need help polishing a web page to make it interesting, compelling and effective?
  • Would you like input on crafting a letter that will influence opinion, action or support in meaningful ways?
  • Are you afraid to ask people to buy because you don’t want to sell to them?
  • Is public speaking on your wish list but you’re afraid to commit because you don’t know how to craft a speech that will have your audience smiling, nodding and appreciating your words?
  • Has your business grown enough to require a new hire? Not sure how to craft the right job description?

You don’t have to do it alone. Capitalize on this introductory offer for a complete edit (up to two pages) along with customized tips in a 1/2 hour phone consultation or e-mail exchange to help you learn techniques for better future efforts.

Give yourself and your business the gift of growth for only $199 (through December 2018). That’s probably less than you spent on coffee last month – and you’ll get a lot more charged from this pick-me-up.

E-mail with ‘Introductory editing offer’ in the subject line to get started.

Need a Copywriter that gets you?

It’s hard to find someone who can write in your voice. Now, there’s no need to settle for less. After about a 20-minute interview, I can offer writing ideas and results that capture your words to create copy that sound like you said it.

Give it a test drive for a website content page, letter, speech, media article or promotional message up to 800 words for a $350 introductory price. Send an e-mail or call (585) 554-4612 to get started.