Small business selling is done best when you’re having fun

Small business selling works best when you're having fun.

Perhaps the single most critical issue in spurring small business selling success is the enjoyment factor. If you, your prospects and clients don’t like the experience, you’ll have a tough time creating a sustainable venture.

The great thing about fun is it’s contagious. If you’re enjoying yourself and what you’re creating through your business, your prospects and clients will feel this too.

Put yourself ahead of most by making others feel glad about having you on their team, implementing your ideas or using your products.

Strive to find an idea and product or service to sell that makes you smile.

Eight tips to consider for a business ideal

Here are some things to think about as you seek to determine if this is the right business for you:

  • Are you proud about what you’re selling?
  • Is producing it (whether a physical product or service) fun?
  • Do your customers (and prospects) respond with excitement about what you offer?
  • Does this business feed your soul?
  • Does thinking about promotional ideas make you chuckle (or at least smile)?
  • Is it invigorating to talk about your business?
  • Do you jump out of bed in the morning excited to get started on the day?
  • Do you hit your pillow proud at night of the day you created?

Slave for money so you have it for what you enjoy – NOT

Small business selling works best when you're having fun. http://NanetteLevin.comYes, there are those who believe you don’t have to enjoy your work to make a decent living. The question you ought to ask yourself is why wouldn’t you want to?

Life is short. If you’re not relishing majority waking hours spent, you’re wasting it.

Your clients and prospects will pick up on this too. It may not be immediate, but over time, you won’t be able to sustain revenue needs as your attitude pervades your messages.

It’s relatively simple to find a professional path that feeds your passion. But it’s not easy. It’s really hard to do it with a choice that doesn’t grab you.

Before you listen to your family, friends, coaches or the latest “guru” prognostications, look inside yourself. You know what makes you smile.

Of course, you need to do your homework to ensure there’s a market and figure out how to reach them, but you’ll spend more time stuck in a job that drains your energy than you will discovering a new opportunity that makes paid work time something you’d happily do for free.

The funny thing about having fun is everyone you encounter along the way feeds off your joy. That’s truer in business than any other aspect of life.

Be proud about spreading a contagion that improves quality of life for others. Find a business focus that’s fun. It’s sure to be a lot more lucrative – and rewarding in other ways – than something you do from duty.

Dig deeper for success

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Hope today is fun-filled with tons of smiles in your future forecast!



8 responses to “Small business selling is done best when you’re having fun”

  1. I completely agree about having fun every step of the way and my customers for sure can tell when I’m having fun and when I’m struggling. I do know when I’m not sleeping and day dream lots about an idea, that I’m onto so something really good! 🙂

    • So glad you found this place for you and your business, Michelle. Of course, there are business activities that may not be as fun as others (delegation can be a good alternative here, but that’s tough for lots of small business owners) but what your business is about ought to be something that makes you smile everyday.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Nanette. I like to say that my mission in life is to keep my feet on the joy trail and that certainly includes my working path. Fun makes everything easier.

  3. This is excellent advice and so timely because I am giving a small presentation today for some MBA students about creative small business. The most important thing is the enjoyment factor… I hope they get it!

    • How exciting for you, Naomi – and your MBA students. My guess is this isn’t something their taught as part of their regular curriculum ;-). Good for you to introduce them to creative ideas and the need for fun.