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  • How to sell is a question with easy answers

    how to sell or not to sell

    If you hate selling you’re not alone. The good news is, you can learn to enjoy it. Finding the right buyer for what you have to offer is so much fun once you realize it’s done best with understanding and a desire to help – and a product or service you’re passionate about. There’s a […]

  • Looking at the long term with personal selling

    small business blogging help

    People forget when they’re networking or seeking support from a collective that it’s not what you sell today, it’s what you build for tomorrow.

  • Top thirteen sales tips for creative small business promotion

    small business blogging help

    Seek out centers-of-influence – too often, small business owners spend majority time trying to connect one-on-one with prospects. If you build a relationship, rapport and respect with someone (or several people) who can reach out to a large group with needs for what you offer, you’ll gain credibility, save time and avoid cold calling.