Driving into Darkness

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

As I headed back from the warm, welcoming sun that greeted me to Rochester the day prior, I grimaced when fog fell thick on the Thruway just as I approached Albany. It was that kind of shroud where you can’t tell if it’s dawn, dusk or midday. The playful drizzle that had accompanied me for… Continue reading Driving into Darkness

What would you ask for if you could buy anything for $5?

Photo courtesy morguefile.com

They say you can buy anything on Fiverr. I’m still of the archaic mindset that you get what you pay for, so haven’t taken the leap to see how many headaches $5 can buy me. Learning the hard way – too many times – on what it really costs to try to save money with… Continue reading What would you ask for if you could buy anything for $5?

What were they thinking?

Photo: Nanette Levin

If you’re kicking yourself for dumb moves you’ve made as a small business owner (we all make them), here’s a collection of stories likely to make you feel better. Sometimes I just clip these gems as I shake my head. I feel compelled to tuck this stuff away for a time when I’m blessed with… Continue reading What were they thinking?

Creative writing can be hysterical

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. It’s fun to design client marketing material that has prospects smiling, giggling or drawing attention from office mates seeking the source of huge guffaws. Inspiration for this can come from unusual places. Creative writing with effective humor can enhance anything you produce. Recently, the Business Insider posted 15… Continue reading Creative writing can be hysterical