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  • Networking for introverts and novices

    7 easy, free ideas for better small business networking

    Whether you’re uncomfortable in groups, new to an organization or struggling with an introverted nature that saps your energy when you’re around other people, there are easy ways to grow your reach, credibility and business prosperity at gatherings. Most people misunderstand the terms introvert and extrovert. Simply put, extroverts are energized by being around other […]

  • Small business selling is done best when you’re having fun

    Small business selling works best when you're having fun. http://NanetteLevin.com

    Perhaps the single most critical issue in spurring small business selling success is the enjoyment factor. If you, your prospects and clients don’t like the experience, you’ll have a tough time creating a sustainable venture. The great thing about fun is it’s contagious. If you’re enjoying yourself and what you’re creating through your business, your […]

  • Forget about features and benefits – offer small business selling solutions

    Yogi Berra quote applies as much today as it ever did for small business selling smiles http://NanetteLevin.com

    Yogi Berra quipped “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Feeling reminiscent when some self-proclaimed guru offers the latest and greatest “new” technique for effective small business selling? Whether you come from the pyramid selling “proof” days or today’s internet “expert” arena, the truth hasn’t changed – attracting new clients is best done by solving […]

  • Assemble a team for fun small business selling

    small business selling is easier when you use your team right http://NanetteLevin.com

    I know, I know – you don’t have the money or aren’t ready to let go and delegate. Fear not. This post isn’t necessarily about that. Think about this – is there something your clients need that you can’t do? Ah ha – that’s where your loose team of go-to people can make you shine. […]

  • More isn’t better with small business selling

    Careful who you choose as teachers for small business selling. You know more about your business than they do. http://NanetteLevin.com

    Whether it’s what you’re selling or how you’re communicating, quantity does not trump quality. The “experts” (curious, this moniker that used to be earned is now self-appointed) would have you believing more products and more noise offer the key to more money. Sometimes this works, but it’s not a good way to build a loyal […]

  • Know anyone too loud to be heard?

    small business marketing is tough if you try too hard to sell. http://NanetteLevin.com

    Not you, of course, but maybe someone else using one of these touted small business marketing tactics? Selling with every blog post? Pushing people to company wares with every social media appearance? Sending lists dozens of messages to count down till deadline? Doing all of the talking and none of the listening? Delivering a multitude […]