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Newsweek throws in the towel on print edition

Do today’s readers really prefer to invest in material that propagates rumor, instills divisiveness and presents fantasy as news?

Marketing strategies to keep in mind when vetting vendors – 9 quick tips

With today’s virtual access, options are more numerous. So can be the challenges.

R U :( w/ crappy copywriting?

If your goal is to build credibility and gain prospects’ attention (that would be in a way that bolsters their confidence in your ability to help them achieve rather than undermining it), keep in mind, everything counts.

SEO makes for crappy copy

small business blogging help

Lots of people write web or blog copy with a singular goal of bolstering the bottom line by playing the numbers game (more eyeballs can mean more sales). It’s a great strategy for many who have seen considerable success with such an approach. It’s just not right for me.