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Small business owners can ditch plans and still smile

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Unexpected life circumstances can derail our carefully crafted small business plans. Sometimes it’s best to simply deal with the urgent and not beat yourself up for getting off track on the important. Rarely are important items so urgent that they become lost opportunities if you don’t act immediately. Admittedly, I’m a list maker and a…

I hate selling – save me from this small business torture!

Quote on perserverance relates well to enjoying selling

Do you hate selling? Done the way so many profess, it’s no wonder. That pound them until they’re sure to relent strategy is painful for both the perpetrator and the victim. Think sending dozens of e-mail message during the course of a week – or day – is much different than old-school manipulative selling? Sure,…

Can you have fun navigating without technology tools?

Small business marketing strategies can let you walk alone while having fun

“It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.”  — Diane Grant, Canadian playwright and screenwriter Poetic justice perhaps, particularly if panting a technology device as a villain is how you interpreted my last blog post. I fried my cell phone last weekend – literally (who knew it would get…

Hungry for small business marketing brilliance in tiny bites?

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While Kelvin could be described as a supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic and a glass half-full cheerleader, Darren is more like a devil’s advocate challenging you to let go of ingrained beliefs, excuses and blame to prompt you to become a better you. Both have great content to help you make smarter mindset decisions through their very different styles.

How much thought did you give that brilliant move?

marketing strategies pertain to customers too

Irony is rampant in my world these days. Of course, my mind tends to go to marketing strategies gone wrong when I see such things stream before my eyes. I’m from Missouri No, I’m not, but for those who don’t get this one (I didn’t the first time I heard it), Missouri is ‘the show…

Small business success story fun – 17 YO gal projecting $250 million in sales

small business success story of high school kid with $250 million projected in sales

The ones that make the news are the exceptions, of course, but it always puts a smile on my face when I read about a small business success story that exceeds the founder’s wildest dreams. Forbes ran a story yesterday about a young girl that had the gift of planning already in her heart. She…

Is firing your team a good marketing strategy?

a good marketing strategy isn't penny wise and pound foolish

It was sad news to hear the Chicago Sun Times fired the entire photography staff (28 people) at the end of May. This story, which didn’t merit many headlines nor involve a paper I read, touched me in a big way. It seems blurry smart phone images with heads chopped off along with writing rife…

Are you tired of hearing the dealth knell for print?

books aren't going away

Last month, PricewaterhouseCoopers released their Entertainment and Media Outlook projections (no, I didn’t read it – don’t you know source-based research is considered passé with this everything wants to be free decree?). Apparently the big news is number crunchers predict e-book sales will surpass print book numbers in 2017. Seems I’ve heard this before.  Since…

Finding good marketing strategies is like buffet grazing

Halcyon Acres vegetable basket

I never understood the appeal of smoothies or any other kind of concoction created by grinding up delicious treats into a liquid muck. Tastes, textures and colors are just too much fun to dismiss as an inconvenience. Reducing what you ‘eat’ into sludge seems to miss the point. Oh sure, the ‘truly inspired’ will tell…

Orwell’s 1984 is here getting help from voyeur marketing strategies

Here’s a novel idea – how about adopting more marketing strategies that allow you to speak with prospects and centers-of-influence face-to-face? This article offers some easy ways to find more clients with old-fashioned approaches. Of course, you might need to turn off your cell phone and get out of your car, but you may find people actually appreciate and remember you more when you give them the courtesy of your undivided attention.