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Marketing strategies are useless without people

Being successful in business is all about the people you meet, engage and reach. The most clever marketing strategies only work if you get your message to the right audience.

Marketing strategies to keep in mind when vetting vendors – 9 quick tips

With today’s virtual access, options are more numerous. So can be the challenges.

Humility helps with marketing strategies

Advertising, sales and copy writing has always included a large contingency that endorsed hype as an essential ingredient for effective marketing strategies. This is short-term thinking. Good selling tactics have always been about building relationships. To do this, it’s important to be able to relate to your consumers. Shocking, isn’t it?

Rethink branding precepts for better strategic marketing

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Times have changed. Today, people are attracted to businesses offering a face and a name willing to be out there and accountable for product or service satisfaction. Focusing on fluff, image, market research drag time and the latest (usually yesterday’s by the time you see them) fads for quick returns rarely work.