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  • Small business marketing can include profits with audio products

    I’m happy to share lessons learned to help you do it better. This includes some great small business marketing finds that are also filling coffers as we use these tools to promote.

  • Animals and kids teach us how to sell well – and appreciate life

    There’s nothing like the intuition of an animal, though, to help set us straight on how to connect fully – and focus on what really matters. Animals just somehow seem to know. The video below illustrates the meaning of Christmas (and life purpose) more than most people-focused expressions do. So, I felt it was an appropriate (non-verbal) message to share during the holiday season.

  • Social Media is an oxymoron

    Social Media is an oxymoron

    We’ve all been lulled by the excitement – and distraction – online interaction can provide. Unless you have benchmarks in place to measure investments, however, chances are valuable time is being diverted from productive marketing efforts as you idle in the online traffic jam.

  • The best marketing tactic is easy, free and memorable

    The best marketing tactic is easy, free and memorable

    Do you remember the last time a provider thanked you for being a client? I sure do because the act is so rare, it’s incredibly memorable. I’m not talking about a generic Christmas card, but heartfelt thanks in the form of a personal note. This caring gesture serves as a marketing tactic even without intent and often means more than any gift or automated reply you could envision.

  • Marketing strategies to keep in mind when vetting vendors – 9 quick tips

    With today’s virtual access, options are more numerous. So can be the challenges.

  • Do you fly or fall into business success?

    Anyone who’s seasoned in the marketing, copy writing or advertising fields understands there are production precepts that must be followed. Forget about creative genius for a moment (and even that requires some solid understanding of consumer behavior), simple technical expertise is critical before anyone can rightfully call themselves a professional.

  • Looking at the long term with personal selling

    Looking at the long term with personal selling

    People forget when they’re networking or seeking support from a collective that it’s not what you sell today, it’s what you build for tomorrow.

  • Commercials and corporate strategic marketing are changing

    Commercials and corporate strategic marketing are changing

    Remember when every woman in television commercials was pencil thin and in her early twenties? Somehow they even managed to make leggy models sprawling car roofs relevant when hawking products that only the elderly would need. It wasn’t that long ago.

  • Be unreasonable to develop good marketing concepts

    Be unreasonable to develop good marketing concepts

    Often the wacky, non-traditional, unexpected and contrary marketing concepts work better than the tested results that everyone else is applying. Usually, if you’re laughing out loud as you develop a message to go out to your prospects, they’ll have as much fun with it as you did. That makes you memorable.

  • Reflections on writing

    Reflections on writing

    People figure if they can write a letter in ten minutes (for those who do, by the way – it shows) that any writer for hire can pound out twice as much in half the time. It’s true – just go to Fiverr to see a good number who do just this. You might want to check if they’ve heard of a dictionary, though.