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  • A miss on marketing tactics doesn’t always mean woe

    A miss on marketing tactics doesn’t always mean woe

    Customers can be unpredictable, like the weather. You can be vigilant about research and planning and still roll out a total miss.

  • Top thirteen sales tips for creative small business promotion

    Top thirteen sales tips for creative small business promotion

    Seek out centers-of-influence – too often, small business owners spend majority time trying to connect one-on-one with prospects. If you build a relationship, rapport and respect with someone (or several people) who can reach out to a large group with needs for what you offer, you’ll gain credibility, save time and avoid cold calling.

  • Marketing and monsters, oh my!

    Marketing and monsters, oh my!

    Good marketing concepts – and skills to alter course when circumstances change – are like gardening. This agility is a hallmark of small businesses. So often, it’s attitude – including a willingness to learn and experiment with new things – that sets the successes apart from the failures.

  • Smart strategic marketing: do what you say

    Smart strategic marketing: do what you say

    If someone promoting themselves as a social technology expert can’t get their own web house in order – with the front door locked for entry to boot – the confidence level of the prospect is shattered from the onset. Is it fair? Probably not. Is it dumb? Yep. Paying attention to your prospect’s experience should…

  • How do you stay charged?

    Imagine how you might follow this example of developing something a little different with your business to reach out to more people while adding a little revenue for your efforts.

  • What could the Tao possibly have to do with writing and marketing?

    The next time you think more words, more bling, more choices and more involvement make for better solutions, consider how you may create something far more powerful by doing less.

  • Sorting through social media

    Everyone was throwing up blog post links in a way that made me feel like I was standing alongside a passing train trying to talk to passengers as they whizzed by at 60 mph. Where to start?

  • Call it crazy or creative – being different can provide insights others notice

    Pioneers are generally heralded posthumously more so than during their lifetimes. Just consider the number of people who died penniless and ostracized who are now recorded in the annals of history as brilliant. Still, there’s something to be said for those who have the courage to do it anyway. It takes tremendous passion, focus and…

  • Good writers get personal

    It’s a different kind of listening than what most people do. Instead of letting your head focus on your rebuttal or on how the comments relate to you, try to let go and get immersed in the mindset of another.

  • Finding clients with smart strategies

    Call an industry leader who’s respected and invite them to lunch. You’d be amazed at how generous those who have seen success are about giving back. Don’t go there planning to sell them, though. That’s obnoxious and short-sighted. Plan what you want to learn from them about how you can do better, listen and learn.…