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  • Animals and kids teach us how to sell well – and appreciate life

    There’s nothing like the intuition of an animal, though, to help set us straight on how to connect fully – and focus on what really matters. Animals just somehow seem to know. The video below illustrates the meaning of Christmas (and life purpose) more than most people-focused expressions do. So, I felt it was an appropriate (non-verbal) message to share during the holiday season.

  • Would you believe the most effective sales people are introverts?

    “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?””            Brian Tracy   According to Brian Tracy (this guy is serious about thorough research) “As many as seventy five percent of all top salespeople are defined as introverts on psychological tests. They are very easy […]

  • Finding clients with smart strategies

    Call an industry leader who’s respected and invite them to lunch. You’d be amazed at how generous those who have seen success are about giving back. Don’t go there planning to sell them, though. That’s obnoxious and short-sighted. Plan what you want to learn from them about how you can do better, listen and learn. Make sure you follow up with a snail mail thank you.

  • Creating clients who are happy to pay you

    Provided what you’re offering is good enough for people to boast about on your behalf, here are some ideas to convert a prospect to a paying client quickly with easy justification: