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Networking for introverts and novices

7 easy, free ideas for better small business networking

Whether you’re uncomfortable in groups, new to an organization or struggling with an introverted nature that saps your energy when you’re around other people, there are easy ways to grow your reach, credibility and business prosperity at gatherings. Most people misunderstand the terms introvert and extrovert. Simply put, extroverts are energized by being around other…

Assemble a team for fun small business selling

small business selling is easier when you use your team right http://NanetteLevin.com

I know, I know – you don’t have the money or aren’t ready to let go and delegate. Fear not. This post isn’t necessarily about that. Think about this – is there something your clients need that you can’t do? Ah ha – that’s where your loose team of go-to people can make you shine….

I hate selling – save me from this small business torture!

Quote on perserverance relates well to enjoying selling

Do you hate selling? Done the way so many profess, it’s no wonder. That pound them until they’re sure to relent strategy is painful for both the perpetrator and the victim. Think sending dozens of e-mail message during the course of a week – or day – is much different than old-school manipulative selling? Sure,…

Can you have fun navigating without technology tools?

Small business marketing strategies can let you walk alone while having fun

“It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.”  — Diane Grant, Canadian playwright and screenwriter Poetic justice perhaps, particularly if panting a technology device as a villain is how you interpreted my last blog post. I fried my cell phone last weekend – literally (who knew it would get…

Where’s the Canadian bacon? A pig farmer’s smart small business marketing.

Jim Rohn provided great perspectives on smart small business marketing

I’ve enjoyed watching the sparring and camaraderie that occurred between a couple of bloggers recently. Both are moms who lead with humor. Kelly McKenzie resides in Canada and publishes the blog Just Typikel. She’s hysterical and worth reading. Go subscribe for a regular dose of smiles, nods and laughter. Katy resides in the United States…

Smart small business owners avoid the hype game

small business owners asking the question how to sell should ingore online hype

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday . . .  is anyone else put off by this money grab? There’s no sincerity about any of this posturing. Get your best deal ever with an offer that expires at midnight . . . until tomorrow when we extend it and give you more bonuses…

Is firing your team a good marketing strategy?

a good marketing strategy isn't penny wise and pound foolish

It was sad news to hear the Chicago Sun Times fired the entire photography staff (28 people) at the end of May. This story, which didn’t merit many headlines nor involve a paper I read, touched me in a big way. It seems blurry smart phone images with heads chopped off along with writing rife…

Two old maples, two squirrels and strategic marketing musings

I had to chuckle watching the black squirrel in the background as the hasty red squirrel buzzed around. He was so casual in his approach I saw and enjoyed his every move. The nervous counterpart seemed stressed and uncomfortable. The plodder showed delight with each hop he took – discovering something new and unexpected. His relaxed and steadfast approach reminded me of the methods employed by some of the most successful small business owners I’ve known.

Storms provide insight into strategic marketing bents

Shovelers amuse me. Some take pride in brooming every speck of snow or plowing an inch or two of accumulation. The next day they land on their bum or are spinning wheels up an impassable driveway after daytime sun has melted snow to water and nighttime cold provided a slick, smooth layer of ice. Sometimes, you can spend too much time on appearances while disregarding function or interest. No matter what you say, show or invent, if it doesn’t do what people need – or pitches a product or service to an audience that isn’t buying, you’ll fail.

Do you fly or fall into business success?

Anyone who’s seasoned in the marketing, copy writing or advertising fields understands there are production precepts that must be followed.

Forget about creative genius for a moment (and even that requires some solid understanding of consumer behavior), simple technical expertise is critical before anyone can rightfully call themselves a professional.