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  • Reflections on writing

    Reflections on writing

    People figure if they can write a letter in ten minutes (for those who do, by the way – it shows) that any writer for hire can pound out twice as much in half the time. It’s true – just go to Fiverr to see a good number who do just this. You might want to check if they’ve heard of a dictionary, though.

  • SEO makes for crappy copy

    SEO makes for crappy copy

    Lots of people write web or blog copy with a singular goal of bolstering the bottom line by playing the numbers game (more eyeballs can mean more sales). It’s a great strategy for many who have seen considerable success with such an approach. It’s just not right for me.

  • Writing tips for the next big thing

    Tastes aside, there are certain elements that carry through to make a piece work. Learnin

  • Writing ideas for the uninspired – seven quick writing tips

    Writing ideas for the uninspired – seven quick writing tips

    Even seasoned professional writers experience writer’s block. It’s inevitable if you put too much pressure on producing vs. enjoying. You’re doing it wrong if it’s not fun. Below are some writing tips that might help your prose flowing.