The Ultimate Blog Challenge


I don’t usually need motivation to write (it’s what I do for a living and something I truly enjoy), but figured I’d take this Ultimate Blog Challenge to commit to daily blog posts this month. Don’t expect this kind of volume after July. Still, it seemed like a good goal with the launch of this site to create lots of valuable free written material quickly and put major focus on early content development here.

As a bit of back story, clients have been complaining about my not having a website for the marketing firm and writing services for more years than I care to count. Referral business kept me so busy I didn’t see a need to allocate time and money toward website creation and maintenance. This wasn’t fair to clients trying to send business my way. Ignoring their pleas was a dumb decision on my part. Better late than never, I suppose.

Why the Nanette Levin domain?

For almost twenty five years, I’ve tried to brand various businesses. Interestingly, success has come for clients, but not for my own pursuits. So, I’ve mostly given up trying to create great company names too esoteric for most to understand, building entities that are recognized by smartly crafted logos and struggling to have people use company names instead of mentioning me. It may seem arrogant to secure a domain name and build a website around a proper name, but frankly, this has been a marketing lesson learned I didn’t initially want to hear.

I hope you enjoy the tips, controversial perspectives and marketing take no writing that will be featured in many of the blog post. Please comment with questions, perspectives, ideas, successes and assaults (OK – I’m better with contrastive criticism and might reply in kind if you get too nasty).

Simply subscribe in the column to the right of this post and I promise the July daily entries will be brief. After that, they’re likely to get more lengthy, less frequent, but still packed with value. I’m looking forward to getting to know each reader of this blog. Thanks!

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