What would you ask for if you could buy anything for $5?

what would you dream of if you could get anything for $5? http://Nanette.Levin.com

They say you can buy anything on Fiverr.

what would you dream of if you could get anything for $5? http://Nanette.Levin.com
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I’m still of the archaic mindset that you get what you pay for, so haven’t taken the leap to see how many headaches $5 can buy me. Learning the hard way – too many times – on what it really costs to try to save money with a cheap vendor keeps me wary. I’m now more than happy to pay a premium price for quality and stress-free service (even with products).

Still, pondering this idea of what Fiverr claims, it seems like a fun excuse to create a wish list . So, here goes (in no particular priority order) . . .

Top 20 list for if I could buy anything I wanted for $5

  1. A vendor that delivers what they promise, on time with a result that meets or beats expectations.
  2. A good masseuse (preferably male) with an on-call penchant, willing to travel to my place.
  3. A phone company that actually provides a phone number on their bill or website.
  4. A bank willing to lend money when I need it, not just when I don’t.
  5. Supermarket facilities that provide fresh produce less than a week old.
  6. Self-cleaning cooking equipment.
  7. Sunlight whenever, wherever I want it.
  8. A lie-detector device that sounds alarms the moment I meet someone not truthful.
  9. A utility provider where customer service doesn’t translate to twist the knife.
  10. Durable, comfortable shoes.
  11. Socks and gloves that you can still function in and not bust holes through after a couple of wears.
  12. Solar powered computer, phone and other work devices.
  13. Country living with city convenience.
  14. Electronic devices that aren’t designed to fail or become obsolete in two years or less.
  15. Craftsmanship from yesteryear in today’s furniture, homes and products.
  16. City roads that are bike friendly.
  17. A wireless mouse and keyboard that doesn’t crap out after 30 days.
  18. Mind control powers that enable to make people forget they own an iPhone while I’m with them.
  19. Plants that thrive just because I appreciate them.
  20. Instruction, DVD and product information copy that’s in a point size designed for someone with older eyes than a teenager.

4 responses to “What would you ask for if you could buy anything for $5?”

  1. A newer car that did not require a college education to change the oil or a tire.
    An auto mechanic that actually knew what to do before he started working on my car and did not use it as a training vehicle while I paid for the parts.
    Restaurants that served food that looked as good as the pictures they post in their ad’s
    A government that was run by more that monkeys wearing pants.

    • Great additions Chef William. Don’t get me started on government workers :-). I’d settle for it tasting as good as it looks on the restaurants. I’m with you on the car mechanics too (why does it cost $700 to determine you need a $40 part?). Thanks for getting the fun going!

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